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What to Expect When You Visit With Us

We can't wait to meet you! For your comfort and convenience, here is a short summary of what you can generally expect to experience at our services:

1. Bible Study:  If you join us at our 9am Sunday service or our 6:30pm Wednesday service, you will find us in about an hour's long, conversation based Bible study. We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and is our authority and instructions for our lives here on earth. It is important to us that we spend time together in Scripture, sharpening each other and growing together in a better understanding of the Word of God. You are invited to be an active participant in this study! See our classes page find out what we are currently talking about in each of our groups. We have studies for all ages!

2. Worship: At 10am, we gather together for worship. We welcome all ages to join us for worship, so feel free to bring your kids (see below to learn about our facilities for babies and young children). During our worship period we participate in several activities and rituals:

                 - Prayer

                 - Singing (all our worship is acappella, or without musical instruments)

                 - The Lord's Supper

                 - Offering (this is only expected of church members! Please don't feel pressured to take part!)

                 - Sermon

3. "Dress Code": There's not one. We simply ask that you dress modestly and with respect for what we are here to do. Use your best judgment. Thanks!

4. Accommodations: We want to make this an welcoming experience for you. We are handicap accessible and family friendly.

               - Two handicap parking spots are available

               - Wheelchair access is available near the handicap spot on the east side of the parking lot

               - A headset is available for the hard of hearing

               - A nursery for young children is available in the back of the building near the women's restroom

               - If you need anything, just ask and we'll do our best to accommodate!

5. Grace, Truth, and Open Arms: We are all sinners, saved by the grace of God. Regardless of who you are or what your background is, we are want to extend that same grace to you. We want to embrace you in the love of the Lord. We will have open and honest discussions about the truth of God's word and pray that He gives us all the Spirit of understanding. God loves you and wants you to love Him. Welcome.

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