Fall Series 2021

Speaker: Al Diestelkamp

Dates: October 8-10

We are excited to welcome brother Al Diestelkamp back to Davenport! This is a very special weekend for the church on Kimberly Road. Al was one of the founding evangelists of our church. He and his and brother-in-law moved to the Quad Cities in the early 1980s to help bring people in this area to Christ.

Now we welcome Al back to bring us a weekend of gospel preaching and sharing with us the wisdom he has gained over his many years in service to the church.

He will be speaking on several topics:

- The Believer’s Valley Experience

- People the Church Can’t Do Without

- Receiving the Love of the Truth

- Giving Oneself to the Lord

- Changes, For Better or Worse

We will also have a half hour of praise and prayer Saturday @ 5:30 PM

For more info on dates and times, click the link below!

Please Join Us!