We are happy to provide multiple opportunities to gather together, learn, and serve. Below is a list of all of our current and upcoming studies and ministries. Some of these do not take place at the church building. Please contact us for more info.

Adults: Portraits of Discipleship

This Sunday morning adult class is going through the workbook "Portraits of Discipleship" by Health Rodgers. This series takes a look at the many analogies the scriptures use to illustrate our relationship to Christ by following him.

Adults: The Book of Acts

On Wednesday evenings, our Adult class is reading through Acts, the New Testament book of the history of the growth of the early church and the work of Christ and His Holy Spirit through the Apostles. 


Middle School: The Gospels

On Sunday mornings, our middle school group is surveying the life of Jesus Christ through each of the gospels.

PreK-Kindergarten & Early Elementary: "Bible Study Guide" 

Bible Study Guide For All Ages is a curriculum that takes our young children through all the major Bible stories and characters to establish a foundational knowledge of the Bible. We have two classes for our young kids using this curriculum: PreK-K (Non-Readers) and Early Elementary (Readers). 


Ages 1-2: Shaping Hearts

We begin teaching our littlest children basic Biblical principles found in Biblical stories. This class teaches our little ones the stories and themes of the Bible to give them the building blocks of a strong heart.