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The church of Christ on Kimberly Road is just that, a congregation of the church that Jesus built. We are not associated with any larger denomination or hierarchy - we answer only to Jesus. We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, and is our authority and access to the will of Jesus. We strive to follow scripture to the best of our ability while trying not leave anything out or add our own desires or presumptions.


 If you have questions about any specific doctrine or practice, we invite you to see the links below, contact us, or visit soon and get to know us in person!


Our goal is to glorify God, grow into greater knowledge and the maturity of the fullness of Christ, and to spread His love and name to all people.


We are committed to worshiping in Spirit and in Truth. Click here to learn more about what to expect when you visit!

2021 Theme

Jesus told His disciples, "I will build My church." Throughout the events of the New Testament, beginning with the out pouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost in Acts and continued in the Apostolic writings of the epistles, we see the unfolding of Jesus' plan for His people - His church. This year we want to focus on the nature, the work, and the worship of Jesus' church in the Bible in order to make sure we are following the pattern set for us.

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